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Welcome to Grand Woodworks.

Since its inception in October 2006, Grand Woodworks has been helping clients realise their visions through bespoke interior services. Our craftsmen perfect each project with the highest levels of expertise and experience in both traditional techniques and modern technology, leading the company to achieve an ISO 9001 for design manufacturing, supply and installation of luxury interior woodworks and furniture.

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A Message from Founder and Managing Director

Welcome to the world of Grand Woodworks. We celebrate the romance and resilience of wood, and shape it to give life to our clients' visions.

There is one common thread to all of our clients, whether they be individuals or a business entity – they expect luxury and quality. Now how do we define that? While true luxury needs no explanation, at Grand Woodworks, we see it as timeless elegance that endures, which is personalised and awe-inspiring. We do not merely customise wood-finished interiors for our patrons, we act as their architects of luxury.

My personal experience of this field grew from my time with a local enterprise with a portfolio of exclusive services and products. In 2002, I had the opportunity to set up a joinery unit to create woodworks that complimented the quality of the high end products we procured. It was then that the idea for my own company was conceived.

Grand Woodworks was established over a decade ago, shortly before the world faced its economic slowdown. Through such times, clients truly appreciate the value of individualized products that are meaningful and long lasting. Thus, Grand Woodworks remained strong.

Our portfolio of clients range from HSBC Bank, SAP, LinkedIn, Adidas, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, along with private residences in many parts of the world. Our name is recognised throughout the industry of luxury interiors, without any form of a publicity vehicle.

The quality and timely completion of our jobs on budget speak volumes for our company. It is with pride that we put our bespoke signature on every project! Each is a masterpiece in its own right and has a lasting story!


Behram Kapadia 
Managing Director

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working with well-known companies in the UAE and across the world.